Massage Therapy

"Often the hands will solve a mystery that the intellect has struggled with in vain"

Carl Jung

How Can I Help You?

Are you stressed? Depressed? Anxious? Do you suffer from chronic pain, sleep problems, nagging muscular spasms or tension headaches? Perhaps you spend hours at a desk in front of a screen, causing you postural stress resulting in shoulder, neck and lower back pain or weakness? I can help. After a few of my massage treatments you will be feeling considerably less stressed with more body freedom and flexibility. By interrupting stress-induced holding patterns I will nudge your body back into its natural state of balance.

What I Do

As a holistic practitioner, I aim to treat clients as a whole, giving you the opportunity to reconnect with your complete self; mind, emotion, body and spirit! I draw from a wide range of massage techniques including traditional Swedish, deep tissue, myofascial release, trigger point, stretches and passive joint manipulation. Much of my work is done using the forearms, sinking gradually through the layers of tension using body weight instead of muscular force, listening for the yielding of the tissues.

This creates an effective massage experience that is deep, broad and soothing, without causing undue discomfort. I apply the most appropriate techniques for your particular needs.

How Does It Work?

Massage creates physiological changes in your body by evoking the relaxation and mechanical responses which benefit you at many levels. It unlocks the body's healing potential not by any one means but through many.

Relaxation Response

A caring, safe touch invites the parasympathetic nervous system to activate and return the body to biomechanical balance and emotional ease. Heart and breathing rate, blood pressure, pain levels and stress hormones are all reduced whilst mood-enhancing chemicals increase, positively affecting emotions and thoughts. Mechanical Response

The physical manipulation of soft tissue increases blood and lymph circulation to the cells, tissues and organs. This is useful where persistent musculoskeletal tension has restricted oxygen and nutrient supply as well as speeding up the healing process of any damaged tissues. Applying appropriate pressure to the muscles, tendons, and ligaments relaxes them and releases associated compressed nerves. This not only helps to reduce painful contractions and spasms but leads to both surface and deep tissue finding better alignment and balance.

What You Can Expect

• A safe, warm and comfortable environment.

• A 15-minute health background consultation prior to treatment.

• Clear information regarding your proposed treatment plan.

• An approach which responds to your changing needs.

• High professional standards governed by the NMA code of ethics.

This Holistic Therapeutic Massage service is for women only.