Meet our Herbalists and Therapists

Carol Burnett MNIMH Medical Herbalist

I have great faith in the capacity of the human body and mind to heal itself, and in the power of herbs to assist this process.

I have used herbs for both First Aid situations and chronic conditions with great success and know them to be powerful and effective medicine. I get a lot of satisfaction from helping someone take charge of their health whether that means solely using herbs of integrating their use with prescribed medicines and the work of other health care professionals

I was lucky enough to study for a BSc in Herbal Medicine at Lincoln University and have been a full time Herbalist ever since. To me being an Herbalist is a way of life not just a career and includes growing and gathering from the wild many of the herbs that I use to make the tinctures, teas and creams that I use in practice.

Robyn James MNIMH Medical Herbalist

Robyn is a highly experienced herbal practitioner and herbal educator. She has been in practice as a medical herbalist in Sheffield since 1998. Her particular interest is in the use of herbs to treat hormone problems, especially thyroid imbalance.

Robyn is currently programme leader for the Open University BSc(Hons) Herbal Medicine course at Lincoln College.

Clare Lewis MNIMH Medical Herbalist

I am passionate about using herbs to maintain good health. I use a holistic approach to treat and support the whole person rather than treating only the symptoms of illness. As a medical herbalist I work with you to formulate a unique herbal prescription especially for you. I will give diet and lifestyle advice where appropriate. I have a particular interest in plant based nutrition.

I have completed a three year degree in herbal medicine, including the study of anatomy, physiology, pathology, diagnostics skills, pharmacology, clinical practice, nutrition, the philosophy of herbal medicine and herbal therapeutics. I am a member of the National Institute of Medical Herbalists and am fully insured.

Geoffrey Soma MNIMH Medical Herbalist

Geoffrey moved to Sheffield in 2017 after working as a medical herbalist in London for over 15 years. He has a special interest in digestive disorders and gall bladder disease.

He is also experienced in practical herbal medicine for acute illness and is trained as an Emergency Responder. He regularly practises these skills at festival herbal first aid clinics such as at Glastonbury and the Green Gathering.

Geoffrey is keen to promote simple & effective herbal remedies for the whole family.

Dr Phil Deakin BSc Hons (Sheffield & Lincoln) MB ChB MCPP MNIMH Medical Herbalist

After graduating in physiology and medicine, Phil practiced family medicine as a GP in Sheffield for thirty-four years. A growing interest in plant-based holistic care resulted in an honours degree in Herbal Medicine at Lincoln College. Expecting to emerge as a doctor with additional skills in herbal medicine, he is now proud to realise that he is a herbalist with previous experience of general practice.

Still working as a locum doctor, he practices an integrated approach to herbal medicine and is particularly interested in helping those who need to combine a herbal approach with their conventional medical treatment.

With this unique background he is keen to promote herbal medicine and develop local and national collaboration with other healthcare professionals.

Gill Hedley Massage Therapist

A deep interest in the workings of the human body lea me to study Human Biology at Loughborough University. Deciding to capture this passion and embed it within a more caring setting, I gained a diploma in Holistic Therapeutic Massage from the well-respected Sheffield Centre for Massage Training. I have since received training in Seated Acupressure Massage, Thai Yoga Massage, Treating Back Pain and Deep Tissue Work.

I have tremendous enthusiasm for the bodywork that I do and gain huge satisfaction from helping my clients improve their well-being.

Massage is a powerful tool to help you take charge of your health and well-being and I would consider it a true privilege to assist you on this journey.

Melvin Timm Acupuncturist

Kirsty Anderson Amatsu Therapist

Kirsty's interest in amatsu grew out of her desire to empower people in their innate ability to heal and keep themselves well while facing the challenges of the modern world. This started as an interest in herbal medicine, and eventually turned in to an exploration of the healing mechanism itself, which can be reawakened or strengthened through direct touch.

Amatsu is grounded in the Japanese martial art Taijutsu, which emphasises "natural" movement; the balanced body moving well - with freedom and connectivity - amatsu strives to re-educate the body itself back to a state of dynamic balance. The body/heart/mind are not separate and are worked together, as such psychological as well as physical trauma can be addressed. Any patterns of dis-ease in the body systems can be worked out, including in digestive/nervous systems as well as the musculoskeletal systems.

An amatsu treatment lasts approximately 45mins, and is done through non restrictive clothing.